Our Mission

The Sel8nne Foundation:

  • The Sel8nne Foundation provides financial, educational and inspirational support for student/athletes to continue the development of their academics through their participation in structured sports programs and organizations;
  • The Sel8nne Foundation supports the academic development of these student/athletes by making requirements and setting goals with the student/athletes on and off the playing field;
  • The Sel8nne Foundation will assist in providing opportunities for life lessons, great experiences and to learn some of the great values which structured sports can teach that effect our everyday life. Honesty, integrity, teamwork, responsibility and working hard to achieve your goals are just a few of the finer qualities embraced by our Chairman, Teemu Selanne, through his career in sports;
  • The Sel8nne Foundation supports the overall physical and mental health of our youth as well as the entire community with exercise and positive change through structured sports programs.