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The International Silver Stick Story – In 2008, two young teams from the Anaheim Jr Ducks both won the regional finals in the Squirt and Pee Wee travel divisions for the International Silver Stick Finals in San Jose. Now, they were off to Canada to try to win the most prestigious youth hockey tournament in the world and the only youth hockey tournament represented in the Hockey Hall of Fame. There was just one problem…how could the parents afford to go? How could we not disappoint these players who worked so hard to accomplish their goal and now had the opportunity to play against the best? From difficult situations…opportunities are born! Leo Fenn, Head Coach of both teams, had an idea and with the help of Tom Howhannesian, Joe Mauthe and some incredible parents they created a Jr Ducks Golf Tournament. The purpose of the event was to help raise funds needed to get these parents & players to Canada and allow them to continue on their amazing journey. The Coach, Fenn, went to a friend who played in the NHL and asked him to be the Guest of Honor for the tournament to help create awareness for the event. Of course, the friend said he would be honored and more than happy to help these young players in any way possible. Our Guest of Honor was none other than the best ambassador for the great game of hockey and one of the classiest players to ever play the game, Teemu Selanne. Teemu cares about children and their development as a person, student and athlete. One of those teams went on to win the International Silver Stick Finals thus creating lifelong memories for those fortunate players and parents! Needless to say the inception of the Sel8nne Foundation was born!

The Sel8nne Foundation is not just about providing financial aid so kids have the opportunity to participate in life changing sports programs. The Sel8nne Foundation is passionate and committed to helping student/athletes develop their academic education to become responsible, studious, healthy, and hard working individuals with integrity, morals, character and unquenchable desire to help others. We believe that structured sports is an integral aspect to their basic training. With today’s economy and the rising costs of sports programs, especially hockey, it is becoming difficult for families to afford their children’s participation in club, recreational, all-star and travel sports programs. This is where we hope to make a difference in as many lives as possible by allowing student/athletes to develop their academic education through structured sports programs.

When Kids Play, Everyone Wins.

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